Software Engineer

About Me

I'm a software engineer specialising in web application development, having. spent the last 24 years learning, using, and mastering HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Go, VueJS, Sass, MySQL and SQL Server.

Over my career I have built websites and web apps both from scratch or using various frameworks and libraries such as TailwindCSS, Bootstrap, YUI, jQuery, Angular, Yii, and Gantry.

In addition to these core competencies I have worked with C#/.Net, Python, Ruby, and ReactJS, either as one-off work projects or as patt of a personal side project.


Are you interested in working with Jason? Do you have a project you want to run past him? Maybe you have a job opening you want him to interview for. What ever the situation, get in touch with him and see where things go.

Phone Number: 040 986 2376